Bartlett Productions started in the minds of two brothers while in Santa Ana, CA. We built a recording room in the corner of the garage. It was called the "Sound Chamber"! Situations changed with my brother moving away and soon we moved back to Alaska.  Over the past few years, the Lord has blessed our family with all of the recording equipment needed to be a fully functioning recording studio. It was time to start using what God has given. Podcasting is the next step in the process.

My wife and I have been involved with Music Ministry and Pro Audio installation since 1992 as well as starting several "tape" ministries. We have progressed from tape and VHS to CD and DVD and now podacast.  I am so thankful to be past the age of duplicating tapes.  Trying to get those crazy labels to line up in the printer and getting it on the cassette without a wrinkle while some precious saint of God nervously taps their fingers and waits, hoping not to miss their ride home from camp. My blood pressure went up a notch just thinking about it! We are very excited about what the future holds and very glad that it does not contain "tapes".

We are continuing to work on material for our album. Holly is a very talented songwriter/singer and I help with the music/recording aspects. Our son, AJ, has done a great job singing for past Christmas albums and is now playing drums quite well and is learning piano.

We pray that our focus always remains on God through every effort and that He will get all the glory. We also pray that our ministry would continue to impact those we connect with.